Zuurbier & Co put emphasis on solar energy during Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Bilashaka Flowers is situated near Lake Naivasha, Kenya. The rose farm was founded in 2001 by Zuurbier & Co Premium Roses.

Since 2006, Bilashaka Flowers is using a 5.500 m2 solar panel to generate heat during the day to use in the greenhouses at night. This heating prevents fungal diseases from affecting the crops. The usage of chemicals for crop protection is, due to this environmental friendly system, considerably lower than in unheated greenhouses.

The development and construction of the solar panel was executed in Kenya, using local supplies and labour. In this way, Bilashaka Flowers contributes to a reduction of fossil fuel usage and innovation of the sustainable flower industry. In the near future, Bilashaka Flowers will also try to implement solar energy to generate her own electricity.

 During the Trade Fair Aalsmeer, you will be able to find Zuurbier & Co in cooperation with TU Delft (university of Delft) in booth 2.8. TU Delft will display its “Nuna 6”, their world-famous solar car. This car is the winner of “The World Solar Challenge”.

 The analogy of “Nuna 6” and Bilashaka Flowers will be very clear!